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Winderen Bits

Winderen Bits

Winderen Gel Bits System bits are made of durable synthetic gel that’s comfortable and readily accepted by horses, and at the same time is extremely resistant to being destroyed by chewing.
The Gel Bits System is also an innovative approach for riders who use more than one bit in their daily training. Each of our gel mouthpieces can be combined with different types of cheek pieces in order to create the right bit for you. The whole process of changing cheek pieces is very simple and takes just a few moments.

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Eggbutt SnaffleEggbutt Snaffle
Baucher SnaffleBaucher Snaffle
product shot image of the winderen mouthpiecesproduct shot image of the Mouthpieces
Mouthpieces Sale price$66.00
Full CheekFull Cheek
Full Cheek Sale price$115.00
Loose Ring SnaffleLoose Ring Snaffle
Loose Ring Snaffle Sale price$97.00
D-Ring Sale price$115.00
D-Ring Snaffle White EditionD-Ring Snaffle White Edition
Loose Ring Snaffle  White EditionLoose Ring Snaffle  White Edition
Beval Sale price$115.00
Full Cheek White EditionFull Cheek White Edition
Eggbutt Snaffle White EditionEggbutt Snaffle White Edition
Kimblewick RNFKimblewick RNF
Kimblewick RNF Sale price$128.00
Beval White EditionBeval White Edition
Beval White Edition Sale price$125.00
Medium Pelham White EditionMedium Pelham White Edition
Baby Pelham White EditionBaby Pelham White Edition
Kimblewick RNF White EditionKimblewick RNF White Edition
Full Cheek Gag  White EditionFull Cheek Gag  White Edition
Full Cheek GagFull Cheek Gag
Full Cheek Gag Sale price$128.00
Eggbutt Gag White EditionEggbutt Gag White Edition
Baucher Snaffle White EditionBaucher Snaffle White Edition
Baby PelhamBaby Pelham
Baby Pelham Sale price$158.00
Eggbutt GagEggbutt Gag
Eggbutt Gag Sale price$119.00
product shot image of the winderen medium pelhamproduct shot image of the Medium Pelham
Medium Pelham Sale price$163.00

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