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Samshield 2.0 Helmet

Samshield 2.0 Helmet

The wait is over. After 4 years of extensive research and development the New Samshield 2.0 Helmet is now available. Made from cutting edge materials to allow riders to focus and enjoy the sport to the fullest and without any constraints.

The Samshield 2.0 helmet is a new and improved fit. Available in four shell sizes; Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The new helmet caters for all sizes, from size 52cm to 64cm. The Samshield 2.0 helmet is a wider fit, so those who struggled to fit into Samshield previously will find this option fits much better and more comfortable than the standard Samshield.

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    2.0 Carry Bag2.0 Carry Bag
    2.0 Carry Bag Sale price$71.00 USD
    2.0 Shadowglossy Alcantara Top & Crystal Fabric Blazon - Black2.0 Shadowglossy Alcantara Top & Crystal Fabric Blazon - Black
    2.0 Shadowmatt Crystal Fabric Top - Black2.0 Shadowmatt Crystal Fabric Top - Black
    2.0 Standard Shadowmatt - Black2.0 Standard Shadowmatt - Black
    2.0 Shadowmatt 300 Swarovski - Navy2.0 Shadowmatt 300 Swarovski - Navy
    2.0 Shadowmatt Royal Flower Top - Black2.0 Shadowmatt Royal Flower Top - Black
    2.0 Shadowmatt 5 Swarovski - Navy2.0 Shadowmatt 5 Swarovski - Navy
    2.0 Premium - Black2.0 Premium - Black
    2.0 Premium - Black Sale price$487.00 USD

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