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Freejump Voronoï Helmet

Freejump Voronoï Helmet


Every year, more than 150,000 head injuries (in France alone) require a trip to the emergency department. Many result in major after-effects or death. 

A quarter of these injuries are caused by sports’ or leisure activities’ accidents. This is due to the fragility of the brain, but also to the thinness of the skull: the skull protects the brain cells from the weakest blows, but can also compress them in the event of hemorrhage.

We were interested in the temporal zone, where the protection provided is as weak as the skull is thin, while the risk of haematoma is all the greater because of the presence of a particularly vulnerable artery. Even a low-energy shock, such as a harmless fall from a horse, can cause serious head trauma.

A transcranial ultrasound shows that behind the temporal bone lies the meningeal artery. The slightest trauma could damage this artery and form a hematoma, compressing the brain cells and leading to serious after-effects or even death. 

The Voronoï helmet is the only helmet to take into account the temporal area. The rigid shell protects the temple by absorbing and distributing the shockwave over a large surface area, while preventing it from hitting the temporal area if the force of the impact were to deform the tip of the helmet. 

Complying with the latest standards, the Voronoï surpasses test requirements and is undoubtedly the most advanced helmet on the market.


Freejump Voronoï Helmet

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