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TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage

Sale price$16.00

Discover now the original TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage from TRUST Equestrian. Optimise bit function and adjust to the horse's individual needs. This product is very easy and functional to use due to its adhesive effect. In addition, the bandage does not absorb water so it does not become heavier in use. This maintains its function for a long period of time.

UsageUse Sealtex to wrap the bit. As the product can be cut to the desired length, you can wrap the whole bit or just part of it. This makes the bit softer for the horse's mouth and prevents chafing. You can also make the bit thicker if required.

Why choose TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage?

  • TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage is a must-have for anyone who wants to provide their horse with the utmost comfort. The bandage lends itself perfectly to softening and optimizing bit function.
  • The bandage does not absorb water, so it does not become heavier in use like some foam bandages and stays good for a long time.
  • The material also lends itself to wrapping jaw pieces and the side of the jaw pieces.
  • On average, the bandage stays good for a week after being used. This depends on the horse.
TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage
TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage Sale price$16.00