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Hackamore Combi Short Flexi Soft

Sale price$218.00

A Hackamore Combi applies pressure to the horse's nose and chin as well as across their tongue. The mouthpiece is adjustable a 8 cm section of the shank.

It is very important that the nose-band of the hackamore is placed correctly. The rubber nose piece of the Hackamore Combi should sit slightly above the area where the nasal bone ends and the cartilage begins. The hackamore is not suitable for inexperienced riders or horses.

The flexible mouthpiece is designed for horses with sensitive mouths, as it is extremely gentle to the horse's mouth and tongue.

The plastic is FDA Approved and non-toxic. These bits are constructed using a Stainless Steel interior core making them reliable and safe.

Trust Flexi Bits are available with different sidepieces such as loose ring, egg butt, baby pelham and many others. The bits can be recognized by the TRUST logo on both sides of the mouthpiece. All TRUST bits are hand-crafted in the Netherlands.

product shot image of the trust hackamore combi short flexi soft
Hackamore Combi Short Flexi Soft Sale price$218.00