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Curium Oil - 500ml

Sale price$24.00

Horse leather oil with beeswax and avocado oil

Nourishing and softening oil for horse leather. It has cleaning and softening components that penetrate the leather and make it soft and waterproof. The wax forms a protective film against corrosive agents. Avocado oil and fatty acids nourish the leather deeply, keeping it smooth and resistant.

  • BEESWAX: natural emollient par excellence, makes the leather extraordinarily supple and elastic
  • AVOCADO OIL: nourishes the leather in depth, keeping it smooth and strong

Directions for use

After cleaning the leather with Curium Soap, apply a thin layer of Curium Oil with a cloth. Rub until completely absorbed.

product shot image of the Curium Oil - 500ml
Curium Oil - 500ml Sale price$24.00