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Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots - Black

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The Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots are a new concept of jumping protection for your horse from the world-renowned Italian boot maker.

With a whole new design and shell, they have an improved anatomical shape to perfectly correspond to the contours of the horse’s limbs, without creating pressure or limiting movement. The Large size in particular has a different shape to older Veredus models.

The outer shell is made from Bayer polyurethane, which is highly resistant, flexible and not affected by temperatures.

Meanwhile, the anti-shock carbon and nitrex gel insert is five times denser than the shell. These two parts of the boot form a single piece – there is no glue or stitching, resulting in an extremely protective, durable and flexible boot.

The carbon and gel protective surface extends from the flexor tendon around the fetlock in an innovative inverted Y shape for total protection.

Double ventilation helps to ensure your horse’s legs are in optimum condition to reach their full potential.

The heat released from the horse’s legs passes through an AEROX micro-perforated neoprene layer - designed to facilitate the removal of heat. This is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric and pushed upwards to the extractor flue at the top of the boot.

An adjustable quick closure system with elastic straps makes the boots extremely practical to put on and remove.

These boots are certified with the rigorous and authoritative procedures of Ricotest. 

 The test was carried out by subjecting the Carbon Gel Absolute to impact and abrasion tests simulating the impacts of the rear horseshoe on the flexor tendon area and of the adjacent horseshoe on the fetlock area.


The impact test is used to verify the impact resistance and absorption capacity of the materials.

Two differently shaped tools were used for the impact test: a 60 ° V-wedge and a hemisphere. The applied energy was 25 and 50 joules, the same that is used in tests for motorcyclists' back protectors.


The abrasion test was done by placing a portion of the shell on a sandpaper roll using the same type of test that is done on safety materials. To pass this test, the material loss must be less than 150 cubic mm. In the case of Carbon Gel Absolute, the volume loss was 29 cubic mm, five times less than the minimum requirement!


The materials were also analyzed from a chemical point of view, verifying the absence of potentially harmful compounds such as phthalates.

product shot image of the Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots - Black
Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots - Black Sale price$205.00



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