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Green Hoof

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Hoof ointment with thyme oil, vitamin F and biotin

Special blend of natural unsaturated fats based on lanolin, enriched with vitamin F and thyme oil, now in the new formula with biotin. Ideal for improving the hoof condition and preventing harmful external agents from penetrating inside the hoof.


  • BIOTIN (Vitamin H): has keratin forming properties which stimulates abundant growth of the horny parts.
  • VITAMIN F: the nutritional action of this vitamin quickens the process of hoof renewal.
  • THYME OIL: thanks to its sanitizing effect, it guarantees a protective shield against pollutants penetrating inside the frog.
  • LANOLIN: is an extract of wool fat with a very high softening power.

Directions for use: 

After removing dirt from the hoof, spread a generous amount, using a brush, on the wall, coronet and cracks in the frog. On particularly dry hooves, wet the hoof and then apply the ointment.

product shot image of the Green Hoof
Green Hoof Sale price€21