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E-Vento Tendon Boots - Black

Sale price€150

Sturdy and lightweight cross-country front boot

  • Double ventilation: The Vento system, characterized by a double ventilation, cools the tendons by driving the heat towards the outside
  • Aerox micro-perforated neoprene: offers perfect transpiration of the leg, reducing sweating and overheating during work
  • Waterproof: does not absorb and does not soak up water, and always remains dry in all weather and ground conditions
  • Light weight: extremely sturdy and light protection, guarantees freedom of movement and flexibility
  • Shock Absorber function: reduces the transmission of shocks and impacts thanks to highly protective polyurethane foam pads
  • Slippery material ideal for safely jumping cross-country obstacles
product shot image of the E-Vento Tendon Boots - Black
E-Vento Tendon Boots - Black Sale price€150