Saddle Fitting

OPTION 2 - Trade In

We also offer a Trade In program where you receive a 30% commission fee which you can put against a new saddle. 

Trade in values are always lower than what you would get for the saddle if you consigned it.

In order for us to consign your saddle, you must first fill out our online consignment application. We will review the application and let you know if we have a market for your saddle. Any saddle coming in without prior authorisation will be returned at your expense.

If the application is approved, you can then send the saddle insured to:

The Old Mill, Johnstown, Naas, Co. Kildare

The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it. 

Please note that we check every saddle for broken trees and other defects that make the saddle unsafe for trial.  In the event that your saddle has a  problem that can be fixed to make it usable again,  we will call you to find out if you would like to have it repaired. If the tree is broken or the saddle is unsafe and cannot be repaired, the saddle will be returned to you at your expense. You are welcome to call or email to receive a repair quote prior to sending your saddle in for consignment.

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